Olympus OM-D reliability? If its broken, its not reliable for the individual....

There is a known shutter problem with the Olympus E-M5 mirrorless four-thirds cameras.  At higher speeds (like 1/1250 & above) when you turn the camera on, the first picture taken is blank ( black).  As you start to get into lower shutter speeds, the image begins to show, but is terribly underexposed -- but only for the first picture.  I first experienced the problem in December, just days before the  1-year warranty on my camera expired.  My camera was returned to me in under two weeks -- pretty impressive! But, a little over a month later, the problem was back. Fortunately, Olympus provides a 6 month warranty on repairs.

The camera has been at Olympus service since March 19th.  They have a status page on which you can track the status of your camera repair.  On March 20th, it went into Repair.  Within a day or so, the status indicated that it was delayed --- waiting for parts.  Within a week, the waiting for parts message went away, and the camera was just in repair.  And there it sits...bummer.

So, while I wait for my camera to be returned, I thought I'd share a shot I took with my m.Zuiko 45mm f1.8 lens before I shipped it off...

The 45/1.8 really gives some dramatic depth-of-field effects.  This was taken as one of our Camellia bushes was blooming.  At 1.8, the DOF is very small -- zoom into the center of the bloom and you'll see just how narrow the DOF range can be.


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