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Finally getting back to more healthy meals

This winter has been a challenge keeping my weight down.  Our old house is very cold in cold weather. I put my instant read thermometer on my counter Tuesday afternoon and it read 72f.  Then I put it on the floor: 47.  Needless to say, when you're cold, you want hearty meals. Gumbo. Chili. Stewed chicken. Chicken paprikash. All with rice and thick gravy, with Albertsons fresh French bread.  Oh, can't forget good old Chicken Mac. The last thing you want is a cold salad. So the pounds pile on.  But starting yesterday, temps have been rising, and we may have broken the long, cold winter. So today, I started back trying to eat smarter.   I had a wonderful boiled shrimp salad with fat-free Ranch dressing -- it was filling and wonderful. Maybe I'm back on the right track...

The Old Mill

Despite being to North Little Rock many times to visit my wife's parents, I never knew about The Old Mill until last weekend. We happened to be driving around North Little Rock and wound up in a delightful area known as Lakewood, and at one point came upon The Old Mill .   My in-laws said the mill was used in Gone With The Wind .  I had an opportunity to return to The Old Mill and took a number of pictures that I will include in my next post. Hold-down bolt for millstone in The Old Mill. Olympus OM-D E-M5, 17mm lens. WebRep currentVote noRating noWeight