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How would I have done this before?

I've been doing 'handyman' stuff for years.  I think its part of my father's legacy.  He would never hire someone to do something that he could do himself!  Of course that meant some things never quite got done.  Hmmmm. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree... Before Patrick passed away, I often used his big GMC van to haul plywood, sheetrock, cement sacks, name it.  I could fit 12' boards inside, stretching all the way forward, between the front seats  to the engine console   and then close the back doors.  But we sold it.  It was getting on in years (16) and miles (100k+) and we really didn't have a place to park the full-size behemoth in addition to our other two vehicles. After a year without the van, I realized a lot of the stuff I would haul didn't need to go in the back of Holly's one year old Outback.  Sure, with the seat backs down, it could haul a lot, and we did. But lumber, messy sacks of cement, and wet bags of mulch were thi

Which would you choose?

On our last day in Petit Jean State Park , we decided to take one more hike.  A short way into the pine forest at the start of the Seven Hollows Trail , we encountered a split in the trail.  Which way would you go? It turns out that it didn't matter. It was one long loop, and you saw all three natural attractions no matter which way you went. This kind of reminds me of our blog.  I keep starting and stopping, thinking I should make it a photo blog, maybe a commentary blog, or some sort of other blog, like something about essential tremor. Then I realized its just like the sign -- it doesn't matter, because I can do it all in this one blog.  So you may see pictures of the kids one post, a rant about cuts to social security in another, and info about ailments like essential tremor or glaucoma in a third.  If I can do it, I'll tag posts so you don't see what you don't want to see.